Trójnóg statywu video kosz półkuli 65mm
Nogi do budowy statywu, minimalna wysokość: 75 cm, maksymalna wysokość: 185 cm, wysokość po złożeniu: 86 cm, maksymalne obciążenie: 9 kg, waga: 4,5 kg, materiał: Stal i Aluminium, głowica: brak, nóżki: antypoślizgowe, rozpórka stabilizująca: tak
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A solid base for your heads

The "Tripod" category includes solid tripod bases that do not have heads. In the world of cinematographers, it often happens that heads, depending on needs, such as different heights or specific ground, are mounted on tripods other than those provided by the manufacturer.

Versatility and Flexibility of Installation

Our tripods ensure universality and flexibility of installation, allowing you to freely adapt the heads to specific needs and working conditions. Thanks to them, you can quickly and easily change the tripod configuration to achieve the optimal camera or camera position in any situation.

Stability and Security

Our tripods are characterized by a solid construction and high quality of workmanship, which ensures stability and safety during work. Thanks to them, you can be sure that your devices will be stable, even during dynamic shots or in difficult field conditions.

Choose the Perfect Tripod for Your Head

Browse our offer of tripods and choose the model that best suits your needs and preferences. Thanks to our products, you will be able to effectively improve the quality of your film or photographic work, obtaining stable and precise shots in every situation.

A solid tripod is an essential tool for every cinematographer or photographer who values stability and flexibility at work. With our tripods, you can focus on creating perfect shots, knowing that your base is reliable and solid.

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