Shadowless tables

Shadowless tables

Stół bezcieniowy 60x130 cm

Profesjonalny stół bezcieniowy 60x130 cm, blat – półprzezroczyste mleczne plexi o grubości 2 mm. Regulowany pochył tylnej płaszczyzny stołu, maksymalna wysokość 110 cm (przy pochyle 90 stopni).
Shadowless tables

(Studio fotograficzne) Stół bezcieniowy 100x200cm

Duży profesjonalny stół bezcieniowy 100x200 cm, blat–plexi o grubości 3 mm, regulowane pochylenie tylnej płaszczyzny stołu (cyklorama), maksymalna wysokość 160 cm.
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Tables for shadowless photography

Shadeless photography tables are specially designed surfaces that enable product photography without shadows and reflections. They are used to create a uniform background and precise lighting, which is crucial for obtaining high-quality product photos.

The advantages of using shadowless photography tables are numerous. Firstly, they allow you to obtain a perfectly uniform background, which eliminates the need to later edit the photos to remove unwanted elements. Secondly, shadowless tables provide controlled lighting, which allows for clear and attractive product details.

Shadeless photography tables are designed for a wide range of users, from professional product and advertising photographers to amateurs who want to get professional photos of their products at home.

To effectively use shadowless photography tables, place the product on a specially designed table surface, ensuring there are no reflections or shadows. Then adjust the lighting so that the product is evenly illuminated from all sides.

When choosing a table for shadowless photography, it is worth paying attention to its size and the quality of the materials used for production. Additional accessories are also important, such as backgrounds or mounting systems, which can facilitate the photographing process and improve the final effects.

As a result, shadowless photography tables are an indispensable tool for anyone involved in product photography, offering an effective and efficient method of creating professional product photos without unwanted shadows and reflections.

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