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Professional tripod for video and vDSLR cameras. Three-bearing oil head with smooth resistance ensures a smooth start and stop of the shot. Comfortable, adjustable handle. T-piece stabilization. Working height adjustable smoothly.

High quality tripod for video and DSLR cameras. Made of light and rigid metal alloys, it is a product that will work reliably for years. Perfectly smooth head operation. Tripod awarded "five stars" by DigiShots sellers.

Rewelacyjny statyw video

Tripod (stand)

Built on the basis of professional standards, the high-strength tripod base consists of three-section, independently adjustable legs. Each leg is made of double, thickened pipes made of oxidized aluminum, thanks to which the tripod is stiff and stable and at the same time light in transport. Each section can be locked independently at any height thanks to the " Lock & Loose ™ " system. The section clamps are made entirely of metal. The tripod legs are finished with non-slip rubber feet that effectively hold the tripod on any type of surface, especially effective on slippery stone floors.

The range of tripod working heights ensures that the most popular shots are taken by operators of all height.

The tripod allows cooperation with most manufacturers' dollys. Recommended manufacturer models are CG-300 and CG-301.

Trójnóg statywu CG-5080


Well made oil head mounted on a 65mm leveling hemisphere. Two tilt bearings (tilts) enclosed in a sealed, integrated cassette allow tilting in the range of -80° to + 95°. The head has a function of protection against automatic dropping (auto-return). An additional panorama (rotation) bearing ensures smooth, smooth 360° rotation. The head works with medium-large, pleasant resistance, thanks to which we will not "break" the start of the shot, also the endings are smoother.

The quick-release plate (45mm x 85mm) is equipped with ¼ and ⅜ inch mounting screws. The head has typical protection against uncontrolled slide of. The head can be conveniently operated using a smoothly adjustable handle (36 - 58cm), with assembly for right and left-handed people, finished with a nice grip grip.

For initial leveling of the tripod, the head is equipped with a spirit level.

Głowica olejowa


Complete with a tripod we offer you a dedicated, professional bag designed, among others, for the CG-5080. The outer cover of the bag is made of cordura type fabric - the structure of the fibers and the method of weaving ensure its high resistance to abrasions and abrasions, the fabric with high resistance to weather conditions, and also, thanks to its internal structure, very light. Between the outer and inner layers of the bag there is a cushioning layer of polyethylene foam. The bag has a small internal pocket and velcro straps to stabilize the tripod.

Znakomita torba do przenoszenia statywu

CineGEN® CG-5080 Statyw do kamery video

Statyw został wyróżniony w naszym sklepie jako szczególnie godny polecenia przez sprzedawców DigiShots. Jesteśmy przekonani o jego wysokiej jakości i bardzo dobrej relacji jakości do ceny. Polecamy!

Tripod wurde in unserem Shop vorgestellt, wie insbesondere von den Verkäufern DigiShots empfohlen. Wir sind von der hohen Qualität und ein sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis überzeugt. Empfehlenswert!

Tripod was featured in our store as particularly recommended by sellers DigiShots. We are convinced of its high quality and very good value for money. Recommended!

Produkt szczególnie godny polecenia

Specyfikacja techniczna

  • Minimalna wysokość:77 cm
  • Maksymalna wysokość:165 cm
  • Wysokość po złożeniu:82 cm
  • Maksymalne obciążenie:5 kg
  • Waga:3,9 kg
  • Szybkozłączka:pokryta gumą, gwinty 1/4 i 3/8, 45mm x 85mm
  • Materiał:Stal i Aluminium
  • Poziomica:dla wstępnego wypoziomowania
  • Rączka sterująca:regulowana, umożliwiająca wygodne operowanie kamerami
  • Głowica:olejowa o płynnym oporowaniu w pionie i poziomie
  • Nóżki:antypoślizgowe
  • Rozpórka stabilizująca:tak

W zestawie

  • Statyw z trójnikiem stabilizującym
  • Głowica olejowa wraz ze śrubą mocującą
  • Rączka głowicy statywu
  • Torba transportowa na statyw


A professional camera tripod that is worth having

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